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Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for someone to motive and educate those attending your event related to healing and spiritual growth? Look no further! Let’s create a partnership to reach that goal. Book Dr. LaShonda for speaking engagements. She can incorporate a holistic approach to healing into almost any topic. Contact us for details on how we can assist in making your event one that will impact and change lives for the better. Some of her topics of experience include the following: 


Bridging the gap between mental health and the Church

In the past, the body of Christ and mental health have been separate, creating a gap in how Christians address mental health issues. That gap is now closing because of many Christian Clinicians bringing light to the disconnection. Dr. LaShonda is called to assist in further closing that gap. 


We must face the facts, life has challenges! Let’s talk about ways to take care of your mind, body, and spirit so that you can push through the challenges life presents. We have the power to prevent burnout in our God given assignments. 

Christian Meditation

The word 'meditation' is used 23 times in the Bible, yet it is an underutilized tool in Christianity. Many shy away from meditation for various reason, one being it’s use in other religions. Dr. LaShonda can provide insight on Christian meditation and how she uses it as a weapon. 


If you are looking for guidance and knowledge for your ministry, we can help! Dr. LaShonda can train you and your team on the topics listed above and other topics. We can help you, help others! We will do this by providing evidence based information and tools to propel your ministry into the next level. 


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